Cobra Launches Tri-Oval II Bagger Mufflers

Cobra's newest offering for Harley touring rigs

Cobra recently updated its original Tri-oval slip-on muffler with a sequel. According to the company, the Tri-oval II is a significant upgrade over the original that also retains many of the original's design elements. Here's what they had to say about it.

“The Tri-Oval really broke the design mold at a time when slip-on mufflers all looked the same,” said Tim McCool, Cobra President. “We pushed the creative envelope a bit then, and continue to do so with our innovative designs to this day. The improved and reshaped Tri-Oval II is just the latest example of a great design matched with outstanding performance.”

The new Tri-Oval II shape begins with a four-inch round, single piece muffler body that gets ovalized at the rear by way of a specially designed tool built in house at Cobra Engineering. The redesigned chromed tips retain their unique dual-port outlet pattern, while a graceful scalloped edge forms the top line of the tip. Machined alluvial flutes highlight the interior inclines of the solid aluminum tips. The mufflers deliver in a multimodal fashion, moving from the graceful, machined shapes to the low feral growl barking from the mufflers. The louvered cores conduct that rich sound in part by the way each core merges into a formed Y-shaped collector inside the dual exit ports at the rear. It’s one of those valuable intersections between the visual and the aural. And it is the specific acoustic manipulation by that louvered core which gives the Tri-Oval II its distinctive yowl under acceleration and its gruff rumble on run down. It's a sound reminiscent of the original Tri-Oval muffler, but improved with a bit less rasp than before, and one that is deeper and fuller than the previous generation.

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