Church Of Choppers BMW R nineT Custom

Jeff Wright’s German stripper

Reverend Jeff preaches at the Church of Choppers regularly.Michael Lichter Photography

A few years back, BMW and Michael Lichter contacted Jeff Wright of Church of Choppers about customizing a 2015 BMW R nineT for the “Naked Truth Show.” As Jeff understood it, the plan was to take a brand-new bike and build a raw unpainted bike from it. Given this opportunity, Jeff wanted to do something different, of course. He stripped the bike and installed a Joe Hunt magneto for spark, and replaced the entire FI unit. Jeff also threw in some slight frame and tank modifications for good measure. “I didn’t get a chance to weigh it before it left, but I would not be surprised if 100 or more pounds were shaved from it,” he says. “If it doesn’t make it stop or go, off with it I say!” Which is pretty much what you’d expect from a guy whose shop has “choppers” in the title.

Jeff Wright got twisted with the headers, which he then crowned with Racefit mufflers.Michael Lichter Photography

All of this you’ll pick up from looking at the pictures. What you’re not seeing is Jeff’s stalker: BMW Motorrad. The motorcycle manufacturer had followed Jeff’s artistic and fabrication skills on his blog for years. When the “Naked Truth Show” was gearing up, the company gave him a stocker to play with instead of kidnapping him with chloroform and duct tape like most stalkers. Very courteous of BMW, no?

No need to hide the welds on a naked machine like this.Michael Lichter Photography

And that thoughtfulness was rewarded with a very cool, stripped-down rider’s ride. Not only did Jeff remove the whole injector and electric system, he swapped in a pair of flat-slide Keihins to boot. All of this served to bring the bike back to the bare essentials of riding, which isn’t an easy quest to complete on a modern motor. He also modified the tank, then built his own seat and tail combo as well.

There are cool parts everywhere—milled triple trees, BST carbon-fiber wheels, and trick pegs are all here.Michael Lichter Photography
Brembo front brakes and a Showa fork make for better handling, so you can get as aggressive as this bike looks.Michael Lichter Photography
The sneaky white monoshock almost blends into the rest of bike.Michael Lichter Photography
Just one of the two Keihins on this machine. Hell, no, Jeff didn’t try to cover it up!Michael Lichter Photography