Blueye Chill Sunglasses

CR Tested

I'm the sort of guy who typically will bring along enough junk on a bike trip so that adding a second shield is not such a big deal, or in the case of a summer day ride I make sure I'm home by dark. But every once in awhile, a pair of shades comes in handy to make a clear shield do double duty. The problem I have with most sunglasses is that they interface poorly with helmets, bowing out at the temples and putting pressure on both the helmet liner and my head.

So it was a nice surprise when I first donned the Blueyes Chill and they slid nicely between head and liner. It turns out that all Blueyes shades are designed with the helmeted or un-helmeted motorcycle rider in mind. The Chill comes in both a grey for color neutrality, or a bronze (the one I got) for increased contrast while reducing glare. My eyes are really sensitive to glare, so I was very thankful for this feature. Blueyes shades are also polarized, which makes for less eye fatigue (most good sports shades have this). However if you have any sort of polarization in your helmet's faceshield (like on a Pinlock insert) it will make for a psychedelic display of rainbow colors. I liked it, but I'm aware most people aren't into that sort of thing.

Also for those who aren't into helmets or like riding with the shield up, they also conform to your face to block the wind without the use of foam or rubber face gaskets (like most other bike-specific glasses) which always end up annoying me.

Blueyes shades come in a number of different styles and trim levels (some metal, some plastic like this one), and shapes to fit a variety of faces and vary in price from $70 to $200. A very impressive specimen. -BB