BikeMaster Expands Line to Include Cleaning Products

Easy-to-use motorcycle cleaning products

All-new BikeMaster motorcycle cleaning productsBikeMaster

"We are excited to expand the BikeMaster chemical line with our new cleaning products," says Phillip Mayfield, Brand Manager for BikeMaster. "Keeping your bike clean is an important part of maintenance, and with our new cleaning products and Fuel-Tek you can keep your bike looking good and running great."

Non-corrosive and biodegradable, the Bike Wash is perfect for cleaning your bike without the need for scrubbing, and is designed for all bike surfaces. If you only need to detail your ride, the Quick Detailer will allow you to do so without having to rinse or dry and includes Polyseal Protection. The Bug Remover features an advanced clear-coat safe surfactant that breaks down and dissolves acidic bug proteins before they can damage your bike.

To improve the look of your bike, BikeMaster Paint Polish restores a full-gloss shine to your bike and helps remove fine scratches, swirls and light oxidation. The Poly Wax provides long-lasting protection from dirt and other grime without the hard work of traditional wax products and can be used in full sunlight without a white residue. The Metal Polish is a thick, no-run formula that cleans, polishes and preserves most metal surfaces. Finally, for cleaning the inside of your bike, BikeMaster’s Fuel-Tek Fuel Treatment stops ethanol fuel problems, cleans and lubricates your fuel system and boosts octane to give you increased fuel mileage and horsepower.

The BikeMaster cleaning products are a welcome addition to the lubricants and oils in the product line and can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice dealer.