Bike Week Bingo

From SOA gear to the guy passed out in the corner, Bike Week Bingo has it all

Bike Week Bingo
Bike Week Bingo- Part 1Savannah Rose

When I was at Sturgis, someone walked up to me, looked me in the eyes, then smirked and crossed something off on a piece of paper they were holding. You guessed it, it was Bike Week Bingo, and what they crossed off? Moto Hipster (damnit).

They handed me over the sheet once I stopped cracking up about it, and all of the other boxes were just as good. From SOA Gear to Grandma Pasties to Canadian Tuxedo, it's all there. The idea is that you walk around any bike week, looking for the things we have all become so familiar with over the years. You know the things - the guy puking in the corner, someone doing burnouts alone in the parking lot, a group of guys wearing "lone wolf," gear. You get it. There's no shortage of hilariously familiar things to look for.

Bike Week Bingo
Bike Week Bingo part 2Savannah Rose

So next time you're heading out to a Bike Week or some similar event, print out a handful of each of these and give them out to your buddies. Or hey, go make your own and fill them out!

Big thanks to Savannah for sharing her great idea with us!