Between the Lines | Late-Breaking Lids

New Technology

Right after we went to press with last issue’s Modular Helmet Guide, we received info on several other lids that would have qualified in our listing. Some are so new they’re not available yet, while others happened to fly under the radar because they’re from small manufacturers with limited distribution or don’t market their products very aggressively.

Here’s the latest we gleaned from the Indianapolis Dealer Show:

HJC RP Max $449

This was a big deal release, and we’ve known about it for some time, but the finished helmets themselves were behind schedule for release In the U.S., so it was not until February that we saw physical examples and official images.

The new fiberglass RP represents a premium line for HJC, and it’s vastly upgraded over its modular siblings. Company reps say it should be available by the time you read this.

Nolan N-104 $499

Like the RP-Max, the N-104 is also a brand new release that differs noticeably from its mid-line cousin, the Nolan N-90. Premium features on this Lexan lid include a whole new venting system, a wider eyeport and a new internal shade. It’s out now.

Bell Revolver Evo $199

Not a new model, but the recipient of some significant and fairly aggressive upgrades, says the Bell rep we spoke with. The new Evo Revolver receives improvements in the eyeport, fit and finish, and a new chin curtain to supress wind noise. Happily, Bell chose not to increase the MSRP on the new Revolver; it’s still just $199.99.

GMax 54S $169

GMAX’s 54S model was released over a year ago, but we didn’t hear about it until a couple of months ago. Rider-friendly features include a new inner, tinted drop-down visor, Coolmax liner and a very trick, patented LED light on the back of the helmet.

Sparx Helios $169

Sparx’s first foray into the modular world is a polycarbonate, DOT-approved model, with a built-in drop-down sunshade, chin and brow vents. And it’s all under $200.