Bellroy Slim Sleeve Leather Wallet

Bellroy's high quality Slim Sleeve wallet in Teak

As someone who commutes on a motorcycle 60 miles everyday, I understand the importance of being comfortable in every way possible. I ditched my regular wallet a long time ago because I was never comfortable sitting and it was too big for one of my front pockets. I have been running a money clip of sorts ever since, but it was metal and wore out the cards pretty quickly.

Bellroy has made a name for themselves by mastering the slimmed down aspect. They have a long list of products to help fill any needs you have. We got in the Slim Sleeve and for me it is the perfect combination of functionality and comfortability. I don't hardly ever have cash on me, although there is room for it if i ever do, but i have a good amount of cards. I could not fit all of them in the metal money clip, but they all fit perfectly in the Slim Sleeve. Not only that the Slim Sleeve is less noticeable for me in my pocket than any other wallet or clip i have tried.

A beautiful balance of small with convenient, the Slim Sleeve Wallet is easy to underestimate.

Now with the Slim Sleeve I can carry everything i need in a compact wallet and keep it in my front pocket and forget about it until i need to use it.

Bellroy’s crowd favorite, The Slim Sleeve, has evolved even further. A beautiful balance of small and convenient, this wallet is easy to underestimate. Your 2 primary cards go in quick draw, then a tab lets you get to your less frequently used cards with ease. Most currencies fit with a simple half fold. It’s our Slim Sleeve, stripped down to the essential elements – pretty much just veg tanned leather, thread and a whole lot of Bellroy love. Part of our Nude Approach, the new Slim Sleeve has no linings and less waste; leaving you with a noticeably slimmer silhouette that’s also kinder to our planet.

-Built using our low impact Nude Approach
-Slim profile reduces wallet bulk
-2 quick access card slots
-Pull-tab for infrequently accessed cards
-Bills can be folded in 2 or 3 folds
-Premium vegetable tanned cow leather
-Backed by our 3 year warranty
-Size: 3(1/64) x 3(47/64) x (9/32) holds 4-12+ cards -Backed by a 3 year warranty

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