Turn in your entries and start your engines people: The Born-Free custom show is almost here. Now in its 10th year, one of the biggest custom bike shows in all the land brings together a massive assortment of vintage motorcycles and wacky, overbuilt choppers, bobbers, and much more. But before you head out to the 10th anniversary of the biggest chopper show in the country, you're going to want to check out the Stampede first.

The Stampede is Born-Free's preview gathering, held Thursday night before the epic main event, with the big emphasis on laugh-out-loud dirt track racing in a mix of wild and wacky classes. We're talking heats for Pull-Start Minis, Tank Shift, Vintage Singles & Open Twins, XR 75, Ladies, Hooligans, and more. This year the action moves to the Industry Hills Expo Center, where the gates will open June 21 for kooks of all kinds to wrestle their unwieldy rigs around the tight, short dirt track.

All kinds of bikes and their builders will converge on the dirt for an all-out battle, with some of the bikes also appearing in the main show later that weekend. Last year skateboard legend Steve Caballero piloted a tank-shifting Harley 45, while freestyle motocrosser Carey Hart slid around on a modified Indian Scout. And why not? With the exploding popularity of flat track, it was inevitable the two worlds would someday bump and grind into each other; the Stampede is the result of that unholy union. The Stampede also shines a spotlight on the Born-Free Invited Builders, where folks get to see some of the bikes to be showcased all weekend at Born-Free.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets and prep for a prime seat in the grandstand. The unbridled racing is insanely fun to watch, and if you're pressed up close enough to the track, you'll get pelted with some serious clumps of dirt. Good times!

More information at: bornfreeshow.com

Did you say pull-start minis? Bring ’em on!Jose Gallina
Steve Caballero gets ready to get down for last year’s Tank Shift race at the Stampede.Jose Gallina
Wild bikes and awesome gear is the name of the game here.Jose Gallina
The Stampede sets the tone for the Born-Free show happening later in the weekend.Jose Gallina
Get to see flat-out fun racing up close and without attitude.Jose Gallina
Vintage metal on dirt. All kinds of bikes with all kinds of riders makes this a truly kick-ass event.Jose Gallina