Battle of the Kings: Cyprus

Street Fighter 750 from H-D Centre Cyprus

This is it, the last of the final five contestants of Harley-Davidson's European custom contest for the Street 750. The Battle of the Kings finalists are on display now at the Wheels and Waves show in Biarritz, France and deliberation is taking place today. This build comes from the Island of Cyprus, and a builder named Andreas, with a great outlook on custom building.

“In the old times, we used to customize bikes to enhance rideability and functionality. Nowadays, we customize bikes to make them reflect to our inner self and lifestyle. As it evolved in society all these years, it also grew inside of me. Customization is an element of vision and the ability to turn ideas to life. It is an encyclopedia. This is why I love it so much”.

Andreas' passion for his work and his origins in form following function are very well displayed in his Street 750. He wanted to represent Harley's racing heritage with this one, and he managed it quite well. The adjustments to the rear fairing work well with the stock lines of the frame and the gas tank. Andreas swapped out the entire front end of the bike, upgrading to inverted forks, much lighter aluminum wheels, and a massive disc-brake. With some street-fighter bars and an over/under headlight setup, paint, and some other minor details: the build was accomplished.

This street fighter seems to stay true to the urban roots of the Street 750, while upgrading necessary components to make it handle like a race bike and stop on a dime. The muffler from Italian manufacturer Zard gives the bike a racey look and a great sound (as you can hear below). The headlight setup does throw me off, though. On a bike with otherwise smooth lines, the two protruding cylindrical headlights seem a little out of place. Regardless, this is one of my favorite builds from the entire program, and one that I would love to ride.

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