Babes Ride Out: Camping with a Thousand Girls in the Desert

How Anya and Ashmore fueled a movement

For most people, motorcycle rallies tend to elicit images of grimy beards and wallet chains—but usually not babes. Ashmore Ellis and Anya Violet are changing those views by showing the other, less pungent side of motorcycle riding. Starting as nothing more than riding and camping out with friends in the wilderness, the two have made a statement in the motorcycle world and redefined the meaning of a girls’ trip. Standing behind their mantra “No ‘tudes, no dudes,” Ashmore and Anya have created an international motorcycle riding campout that brings over 1,000 babes from around the world.

This year, at Babes Ride Out 3, we had girls come from all over the world: from as far as Australia, Canada, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Italy and London. It was super cool to have everybody come out from all over.

With Joshua Tree, California acting as their mecca, Babes Ride Out is now far more than a motorcycle campout. It's become a community for women to come together to share their love for the open road, their most embarrassing stories on a bike and overall stoke for riding on two wheels. Whether in the desert around a campfire, or in the flood of Instagram posts sharing their adventures, the friendships forged during Babes Ride Out continue long after their motors have cooled.

We wanted to know what brings women from places like Italy and Australia to Joshua Tree, so we stuffed our backpacks to the zippers and tagged along for the annual Babes Ride Out adventure. While the trip came and went in a blur, the moments brought home were timeless and the friends made were deep-seated. Between the chorus of exhaust rumblings, we pulled Ashmore and Anya aside to chat about what creating a movement feels like, and what it takes to keep the dream alive.

Anya and Ashmore- Founders of Babes Ride Out

How did Babes Ride Out start?
Ashmore: We started Babes Ride Out in 2013, and it was literally a camp out in Borrego [California] with just a few girls we met on Instagram. We started passing around fliers, thinking about 10 girls would show up. The day of the event, we had about 50 girls show up, which was incredible, and we knew we had something really special. The next year, we found ourselves looking at a registration list of 500 girls and our minds were blown. Then this year, we have over 1,200 girls in attendance for Babes Ride Out 3, and it just keeps growing.

How did it get popular so quickly?
Ashmore: Babes Ride Out caught fire on social media. A few posts went viral, and all of the sudden, girls from all over the world started emailing us, and hitting us up about coming out to an event. We started a "roll call" on our blog to talk about their stories, where they are from and common interests, so we kind of already knew their stories before they got here. I think that was one of the really special things that made the event so unique—girls could read about somebody and then actually meet them in real life. Basically, it's using social media for what it is meant to be used for.

This event has some die-hard fans, how far do girls come to attend?
Anya: This year, at Babes Ride Out 3, we had girls come from all over the world: from as far as Australia, Canada, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Italy and London. It was super cool to have everybody come out from all over. We had girls ride all the way across the country from Florida—we gave away the "Iron Buns" trophy to a girl who rode over 3,000 miles to get here.

What's one of your most memorable experiences from the event?
Anya: One of my most memorable experiences at Babes Right Out is probably the very first event, when we did Babes in Borrego [California]. I guess, because it was just so raw. We basically threw it together on this dry lake bed in the middle of the desert. There were scorpions, no bathrooms and no one had lights, so we created a massive bonfire. None of us had ever experienced anything like that before. It was such a good time, and the energy was so high. Everyone was just ripping up and down on this dry lake bed. I'll never forget that, it was really awesome.

Anya and Ashmore- Founders of the Babes Ride Out

Who are some amazing women badasses you've met during Babes Ride Out?
Ashmore: Babes Ride Out attracts so many talented, smart and all around incredible ladies. I am constantly impressed and amazed by how different each person is who attends, yet we all have this common interest that brings us together for 48 hours.

What do you think the future of empowered women will be?
Ashmore: Future? The time is now.

For more info on the Babes Ride Out, check their website and to get more info on Skullcandy and the awesome things they are doing in the motorcycling scene check out their #StayLoud blog HERE