Sure, mulling around a dusty old warehouse gazing at cool metal is fine, but what's even better is getting out and actually riding into the wilderness—you know, on your own bike.

And that's what the HighPipe Festival is all about. A simple celebration in an increasingly specialized moto world, HighPipe revels in the pure joy of riding your rig, be it on glassy-smooth paved roads or sketchy fire trails through soaring trees.

Although it’s officially dubbed a “scrambler” rally, HighPipe attracts a pretty broad menu of participants, with everything from vintage machines and modern standards to adventure bikes whooping it up next to scrambler-style rigs at China Peak in the Sierras. Yep, two wheels, an engine, and a smile—nothing else matters.

With that said, it’s time to break out the knobbies and get rolling. Here are seven reasons to get your HighPipe on:

Three Days In Glorious Sierras

Spend three days riding the sweet forests of the Sierra range without worrying about Ranger Rick.Jeff Allen

Even if you didn't ride, this setting would be a draw. Taking place at China Peak Mountain Resort in California's glorious Sierra Nevada mountain range, the jam-packed event schedule combined with the awe-inspiring natural beauty is almost too much to take in at first. The fact that you can groove to eye-popping sights while riding your motorcycle amid this mountainous playground with your buddies is just a bonus. Whatever it is, hop on and roll your two wheels over to China Peak in Lakeshore, California.

RSD Hooligan Hill Climb

RSD Hooligan Hill Climb
Now's your chance to take a run up the mountain on the RSD-designed Hooligan Hill Climb.Roland Sands Design

HighPipe Motorcycle Festival plus RSD Super Hooligans—seems natural, right? The RSD Hooligan Hill Climb means Roland Sands Design, China Peak, and HighPipe have teamed up to create a "just for fun" course. Riders can sign up to enter the Hooligan-style competition that goes up the slopes at the China Peak Ski Resort. Taking a run will cost only $20. (See here for more info.)

Base Camp/Product Tests

Base Camp
At HighPipe you’ll be able to demo new bikes, take in some skills courses or just tool around in the glorious surroundings. Really not a bad way to spend the weekend.Jeff Allen

With an assortment of manufacturers and accessory companies camping out at the resort, you'll get the chance to try out new products, see cool exhibitions, and get detailed questions answered right from the source. Base Camp is your go-to spot for skills courses, signing up for bike tests, and seeing what demo rides are available. It’s also the place to go for Vendor Row.

Vendor Row

Vendor Row
All kinds of bikes are welcome at HighPipe, whether they're scramblers, standards, nakeds, or ADVs, so long as they're street-legal.Jeff Allen

With Geico, Honda, Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires, RSD Super Hooligans, Rever, Freedom Moto, and Stewards of the Sierra all flying their flags at China Peak Resort, you'll see tons of cool new stuff. Honda will trot out an assortment of Africa Twins, and the new 450L will be on display, as well as Groms (of course). CB500Xs and CRF250Ls and Rallies will be available for demo rides too.


Take your big streetbike off pavement and test its (and your) limits. We promise, it's loads of fun.MAS Fotographia

At HighPipe, you can get your dirt on with the Scramblekhana Skills Course—a series of low-speed challenges that lets riders discover just what their bikes can do off the pavement, in a controlled environment. C’mon, you know 500-pound motorcycles in the dirt is cool!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
After two days exploring the Sierra trails on the Scramble Ramble Scavenger Hunt, you can kick back with a cold brew at the awards ceremony on Saturday night.Motorcycle Cruiser

With three days on the menu, you’ll have a loads of time to jump into the Scramble Ramble Scavenger Hunt on Friday and Saturday and explore the epic trails HighPipe organizers have mapped out. The Scavenger Hunt weaves riders through some of the most scenic points of the Sierra Nevada, like Whisky Falls and Bald Mountain. It's open to everyone, and you're then entered into Saturday evening’s drawing for a chance to win cool stuff.

It’s Cheap And Easy!

Highpipe moto festival
Come one, come all; just bring your wheels and a grin. These 110cc Honda Trails were a big hit at last year’s event.Brody Cox

The cost to come to HighPipe is just $15 for pre-event; on-site or day-of is $20. And all kinds of (street-legal) bikes and all levels of riders are welcome. Just bring the most basic elements you can think of: two wheels, an engine, and a smile. June 15 will be on us before you know it, so grab the ADV lid, dust off the goggles, and—wait, you haven't registered yet? Register here…then go check out all the action at last year's fest on the Instagram feed.

Highpipe moto festival
Don't miss it!Ralph Hermens

2018 HighPipe Motorcycle Festival
June 15–17
China Peak Mountain Resort
Lakeshore, CA