Recently, I wrote about the motorcycle shows scheduled for spring. Gazing at a lovely machine in a warehouse or on a golf course while chatting with its owner or builder is time cherished. Friendships evolve and everyone rides home afterward with smiles and memories galore.

Last year, the HighPipe Motorcycle Festival was organized to immerse riders together in the mile-high mountains of the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lakeshore, California. Hosted by China Peak Mountain Resort at the end of California Highway 168, participants enjoyed a unique riding experience at Whisky Falls and Bald Mountain. All bikes are welcome; don't let the scrambler moniker fool you.

Highpipe motorcycles
All bikes are welcome.HighPipe

“China Peak is proud to have worked with Bonnier for the past two decades in developing one of the premier motorcycle adventure sites in the West, and to once again host the HighPipe event,” China Peak Mountain Resort managing partner Tim Cohee said. “Our resort is the ideal location for enthusiasts to test the latest in industry development, spend time with colleagues in a private environment, and enjoy the surrounding mountains perfectly suited for motorcycling of all types.

Huntington Lake
Huntington Lake.HighPipe

“As a motorcycle enthusiast myself since 1962 I’m anxious to see what manufacturers have produced for 2018!”

If your skills are lacking before, they’ll improve mightily after three days in the Sierra Nevada.HighPipe

Want to bring your vintage bike or show off your latest custom? Cycle World, Street Chopper, and Cruiser will be inviting some of today's top custom builders to share their work and join in on a ride or two. The Scramblekhana Skills Course will see plenty of rubber, where you can laugh and point at your friends as they go through the trials. Scramblekhana is a series of low-speed challenges to try your bike (better yet—your buddy's) and find out just what it can do off the asphalt.

Vintage bikes highpipe
Vintage and custom bikes mingle with new machinery.HighPipe

A new event for 2018 is the Roland Sands Design Super Hooligan Fire Road TT. What would a bitchin' mountain event be without a bitchin' hill climb? The RSD Super Hooligan class rules are simple and designed to keep costs down and fabrication to a minimum: 750cc and up streetbikes with flat-track race tires, open to all manufacturers. Amateurs will also get a chance to conquer the hill. Here are the rules.

Highpipe riders
Organized rides galore.HighPipe

You'll have plenty of time to participate in the Scramble Ramble Scavenger Hunt on Friday and Saturday, exploring all the trails your event organizers have mapped out in their quest to provide epic brap.

Not sure where you'll be on June 15-17? Yank that calendar off the kitchen wall and write down the HighPipe Motorcycle Festival, then register here before daydreaming takes over and you fixate like a zombie on your Instagram feed.

2018 HighPipe Motorcycle Festival
June 15-17
China Peak Mountain Resort
Lakeshore, CA

China Peak Highpipe
Riding to China Peak is encouraged.HighPipe
Camping Highpipe
There are several places to rest your head.HighPipe
Chairlift Highpipe
What goes up must come down.HighPipe
Honda Scrambler Highpipe
You meet the nicest people on a Honda scrambler.HighPipe
Old school Highpipe
Ripping it old school, baby!HighPipe
Scrambler Ducati
That’s the face of determination on a Scrambler Ducati.HighPipe
Highpipe scramblers
Scramblers come in all shapes and sizes, like their owners.HighPipe
Highpipe vintage bike
Plenty of vintage braaap among the newer bikes.HighPipe