2019 Indian Chieftain Limited Video Review

Indian’s touring motorcycle gets redesigned for 2019

Since its initial release, the Indian Chieftain has been one of our favorite touring motorcycles on the market. Epitomizing what we love about an American tourer, the 111ci V-twin has a great sound and feel while putting out solid power throughout the entire rev range. The chassis holds stable through fast turns and while blasting down the highway, just like it does while maneuvering at low speeds. The suspension does a great job at eating the small bumps, while also holding you to the road and keeping you steady through the twisties. The steep rake drops into turns easily, making it surprisingly nimble in urban environments and fun to ride through some canyons.

Starting at $21,999 and jumping up to $25,999 for the Dark Horse and Limited models, there really isn’t a lot to complain about when it comes to Indian’s flagship touring model. Check the link to Cycle World for our more in-depth written review and enjoy this video review to hear what we thought about the bike From the Cockpit!

Indian's 2019 Chieftain lineup, the Dark Horse, Limited, Chieftain, and Chieftain ClassicCourtesy of Indian

Indian Chieftain 2019 Washington

The 2019 Indian Dark Horse and Limited models share the same features, but are differentiated by paint and styling.Courtesy of Indian

Indian Chieftain 2019 Washington

The redesigned fairing shape of the 2019 Chieftain has some familiar lines, but the change to more aggressive styling has been received well in the market so far.Courtesy of Indian

Indian Chieftain 2019 Washington

While the showroom height is slightly lowered, lean angles remain the same on the 2019 Indian ChieftainCourtesy of Indian