2017 Moto Guzzi V7III Stone POV First Ride

Candid thoughts on our first ride aboard Moto Guzzi's base model 700cc standard

When you're writing a review for a bike, you can take the time to really think about how you want to word every little thing. When you throw a leg over it for the first time with a mic inside your helmet and a camera on the front... things are a little more candid.

The V7III hosts a huge list of changes from the V7III, including the engine, chassis, and suspension. After riding the bike for just a few minutes, it was easy to see that the gearbox had received the update we were asking for, but the addition of a new electronics systems provide much more feedback than we want.

Hear more about the 2017 update below and stay tuned for our full review on this sub-$8,000 motorcycle!