2017 Cruiser Camping Guide: Shelter

The best lightweight and packable tents for motorcycle camping

Camping with the Indian Roadmaster and the Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL 2 mtnGLO tentMike Calabro

There is nothing like sleeping under the stars. When looking for a tent you want something that is light, packs small, and is quick to set up. The key features are size and weight, a full-rain fly, durable materials, waterproof, and ventilation. A tent should have enough room under its vestibule, similar to a covered porch, to store your boots and helmet when it rains. Having an extra piece of material, a tarp or footprint, will make your tent last longer. Just make sure that your ground covering does not extend past the bottom of the tent. Otherwise, the tarp will collect water and you will end up sleeping in a puddle.

I’ve spent many nights camping out with my bike parked next to me, and I’ve previously always brought bigger tents that took up too much space on my quad. When going out for an extended ride, every cubic inch of space saved counts. It’s easy to overload a bike and not have room for other essentials.

Tip: when in bear country DO NOT store any food in your tent. You will get eaten.

Tip: Make sure your tent is completely dry before putting it away in storage or mildew will form.

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