2016 Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout Build: End of Day One

Working on blacking out a new Breakout

We wrapped on day one of the Softail Breakout build, leaving it mostly stripped down with only a few new pieces added. We have a lot of pieces that are being sent out to powder coat to get rid of every piece of chrome on the bike. The owner hates chrome so we decided on a mixture of wrinkle, texture and gloss black pieces to black out the bike without making it look like on black blob. By using different variations of black you get nice breakups through out the bike that keep your eye moving instead of staring at a giant black mess trying to figure out where one part ends and the other begins. In addition to ridding the chrome we have a nice pile of P&A from Harley and Screamin' Eagle to enhance the look as well. Stay tuned for more on the Softail Breakout build!