2009 Star V Star 950 and 950 Tourer - First Look

New V Star 950 and V Star 950 Tourer unveiled

Last week, Star had the big unveiling of their new V Star 950 and V Star 950 Tourer at the annual Yamaha Dealer Show at The Mirage in Las Vegas. How big a deal is the new 950? All four of their MotoGP racers were there at the event. Okay, fine, they were there to unveil the all-new R1. Still, the 950 is a cool bike, slotting in between the V Star 650s and 1100s.

In broad strokes, the V Star 950 has sporty styling - for a cruiser - with an 18" front wheel with a low-profile tire. The 942cc engine is air-cooled, with a 60-degree Vee between the jugs, and a single crank. It has an all new gauge cluster, holds 4.4 gallons of the Precious, and most of all, has a truly low 26.5 inch seat height. Price start at $7890.

The Tourer comes with factory installed windscreen, passenger backrest and leather-wrapped saddlebags. Price starts at $8990.

You can read about all the details in the December issue and we'll have a road test as soon as we can get our grease-stained hands on one.