2004 Indian Motorcycles to Be Auctioned Online

The liquidation company that got Indian's 2004 motorcycles plans to auction them off on eBay.

The company that acquired the last Indian motorcycles will auction the company's last motorcycles online. The bikes to be sold include most of the very small 2004 production run.

National Retail Equipment Liquidators, which is owned by motorcycle enthusiast Bill Melvin, will sell most of the 2004 model run—just 40 motorcycle— online through its website.

"This group of 2004 bikes is the rarest production run of American motorcycles ever made," says Melvin. "There's never been such a small quantity of exquisite machines representing the entire year's production of an American-made motorcycle." Melvin plans to keep one for himself.

In addition, the company will sell a small collection of special bikes, including some built for movies like Terminator 3 and Cat in the Hat. There is one from Scooby Doo 2, signed by leading cast members, and a custom-painted machine signed by Jeff Gordon. There are about 30 bikes in this collection.

Although only one 2003 motorcycle shows up when you click the link on the company's website, the remainder will apparently be added in the near future. The link appears on the home page at www.nrel.com. You can also call (800) 613-6865 or (616) 224-2500.

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